Please note that due to pregnancy and a house move, classes will not be running after March 29th 2019.

Thank you all for coming along!

Yabba Dance classes are a fun, energetic dance activity for all ages.

Toddler Classes

2-4yr olds

A focus on promoting confidence, and ownership of their disco impulses! The classes improve their co-ordination, balance, and a love of music of all styles.┬áThe class also uses up some of that endless energy! A chance to dance with your child to a mix of kids and grown up music, which will hopefully leave you humming something other than ‘hop little bunnies’ (although, that is a good one)

Junior Classes

5-7 yr olds

Learn new routines, and help choreograph their own freestyle sections. A focus on improving coordination, memory, teamwork and creativity. More focus on techinique, but the main objective is to build confidence in dance.